Green Youth Movement

Green Youth Movement (GYM) is one of the flagship initiatives of Kamyab Jawan Programme. Under this program, Pakistani youth is offered small grants to bring eco-innovative solutions for tackling environmental and climate crises like:

waste management

Solid and liquid waste management

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Water conservation

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Renewable energy

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Agriculture and forestry

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A network of GYM clubs will be established in around 110 HEC-recognized public sector universities Young eco-innovators will be mentored and their innovations will be marketed both nationally and internationally.


  • To sensitize and organize youth for the promotion of environmental conservation and eco-friendly behavior.
  • To inculcate in youth a culture of research and echo-innovation for environmental conservation and mitigation of climate change.
  • To financially support youth in spearheading eco-innovation in the country.
  • To showcase and promote eco-innovations by giving young eco-inventors exposure at regional and international levels.
  • To tap regional and international market potential for Pakistani young eco-innovators.
  • To establish model green campuses-living labs (at least one in each of the four provinces and two regions) for the promotion of best practices in renewable energy, solid and liquid waste management, water conservation, agriculture, forestry and eco-tourism.
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