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National Internship Program

One of the key objectives of our government is Youth empowerment. To achieve this, it is important to address the issue of unemployment of youth in Pakistan. This internship program is aimed at improving the employability of educated youth.


The National Internship Program 2019 has two major objectives:

  • Establish visible connection between qualification and workplace requirements b. Channelize the energy of the educated youth in the right direction Guiding principles and basics.
  • The program will be a joint initiative of government, universities and industry.
  • Relationship that should be able to create value for internees and the organizations who hire them.
  • The program has to be efficient and cost effective to be sustainable and would be drawn on the basis of public-private partnership.
  • The program principally recognizes that it is in the interest of the graduating youth and the industry to forge.
  • The program identifies the need for practical exposure for fresh graduates for at least six months.
  • The internship of six months will prepare the internee to be able to start regular job with a reasonable learning curve position which will consequently provide the employing organizations with trained and tested human resource.
  • The employing organization participating in internship will support the cause of nation building and also run the program as a seamless process of regular hiring. This will be a cost effective and efficient program, which would be beneficial for the youth as well as the organizations which hire them as internees
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