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Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Message to youth

On the eve of the 79th anniversary of Pakistan Resolution passed on March 23rd, 1940 in Lahore by our country’s Founding Fathers, I’m pleased to see the launch of National Youth Development Framework (NYDF) – a first ever national policy vision and that is dedicated to the energetic and talented youth of Pakistan.
Seventy-nine years ago, Pakistan’s Founder, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, changed the history of the Sub-Continent by demanding a separate country for Muslims. The ensuring Freedom Movement led to the creation of our beloved country. Under the guidance of the Quaid-e-Azam and with his trust and support, Muslim youth and students played a pivotal role towards the independence of Pakistan.

The Quaid believed and proved that youth is an invaluable Pakistani asset, which can turn around our nation’s destiny if guided and leveraged properly.
It is with the same vision and spirit that my Government has come into office, bringing with it a strong and unprecedented mandate by the young people of Pakistan. This Framework manifests my Government’s firm resolve to revive the spaces, opportunities and energies for youth that can propel them to reclaim their rightful role in nation-building, and put Pakistan on a trajectory of progress. Imbibed with political inclusivity, social responsibility, economic viability and strategic outlay, this Framework illustrates my Government’s unwavering commitment to give substantive meaning to Pakistan’s demographic dividends, i.e. our youth.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Government locates its existential meaning in the dreams and hopes it ignited amongst our youth who have time and again found themselves marginalized from mainstream politics, decision-making, and gainful opportunities to bring about economic betterment and social change. We made a promise to our neglected youth that they will become a primary source of policy guidance and priorities once we formed government. They listened to us and gave us the opportunity to fulfill our promise. It is time now to honor our commitment to the young of Pakistan. At the heart of our promised change and transition to a progressive Pakistan is meeting the expectations and aspirations of passionate young minds and hearts. While the future belongs to the youth, it is imperative to help them craft their own pathways, expand their access to equal opportunities, and harness their capacities through meaningful interventions.

My Government has vowed to leave no one behind in Pakistan’s enduring quest for sustained and inclusive development. In this respective, the NYDF envisions forging institutional synergies and partnerships to promote rights-based and gender-equal youth empowerment and development. I commend Prime Minister’s Office Team for presenting this bold and energetic policy vision for a youth-focused and youth-led Pakistan, and I assure my personal support to the pro-youth ideas and initiatives envisioned in this Framework.

I and my Government will stand resolute with our young citizens in their unwavering efforts to make Pakistan a 21st century leader in the comity of nations.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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